Key2china - Sourcing in China Made Easy - We save you TIME, MONEY and HEADACHES.
The Process
1. Key2china works with the client to find out the exact needs of the project.If the project needs OEM engineering or mold design we help our client with these plans.
2. We locate assess and negotiate with the manufacturers to find the best possible product and price.The best supplier is selected in consultation with you, based on price, quality of samples received, reliability, and on-site inspection.A complete factory assessment and/or social audits are conducted for all shortlisted manufacturers.
3.  We prepare the purchase orders and contracts. Samples are produced and couriered to the client for quality control checks. Key2china monitors every step of the project and provides updates to the customer.We arrange for the production to begin and work with factory staff to ensure specifications are understood and delivered within timeline.We facilitate and organize client visits to supplier if required.
4.    The order is completed, packed and inspected. Key2china co-ordinates the entire shipping procedure, handling all documents and insurance. Large volumes are normally sea-freighted, small items can be sent via Air. Key2china coordinates all loading, customs clearances and insurances to ensure a hassle free and on-time delivery.

Key2china assists clients in shipping goods to anywhere in the world. We tailor the shipping solutions to our client's needs – either by using Air , Sea or Courier methods.
Door to door service
 International Air & Sea Freight Forwarding
Customs Brokerage assistance
Product storageand consolidation of order
We offer rates based on a network of freight forwarders, no mark-up is added

Quality Assurance and control
Key2China follows stringent quality control guidelines at all level of production in accordance with the  ISO 9001:2000 quality system.
We offer a comprehensive range of Inspection services:
• Pre-Shipment Inspection
• During Production Inspection
• Factory & Social Audit
• Initial Production Check
• Container Loading Check
• Laboratory Testing

Meeting your inspection needs
Key2china's on-site quality inspections and factory audit services help our clients to:
• Reduce risks associated with poor quality, loading, storage, transportation and non-compliance with regulatory requirements
• Ensure that contractual obligations are met: specifications, packaging, marking and delivery.
• Identify problems before products are shipped or distributed.
• Establish and maintain a high-performance vendor base while lowering production costs.

Examples of our inspection templates here:   (

Decades of trading and sourcing experience means you save time and money. (You receive the best product and price from the start.) Strengthen your sourcing efficiency with "on the ground" experts.Boost your reactivity and get the most competitive prices for your tenders.

We follow a proven quality control system (ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) ) which minimizes the chance of potential risk.We act as professional negotiators working solely for your LONG TERM interests.Our team are based in the manufacturing hub of China - Our managers can be on the factory floor anywhere in China within 24 hours.A complete factory assessment and/or social audits are conducted for all shortlisted manufacturers.Background check on suppliers' commercial reputation and current markets.  We minimize the risk of importing from China - our multicultural staff are sensitive to Chinese business customs and practices.